"Cow Guy" at work

Works are created using a combination of pastel and acrylic mediums with a liberal application of blood, sweat and tears, sometimes culminating in hysterical laughter.

The “Cow Guy” monicker came from years of participating in outdoor art shows where people would say, “Hey, there’s the Cow Guy!” and stop in our booth to see what was new. Chris (my wife and soulmate) and I are an art team – I make the art and she “yea’s,” or “nays” it; I guess you would say she’s a muse and critic all rolled up into one, plus she comes up with tons of ideas, books the shows and does a whole lot more. Some say that our art is “whimsical”, others say, “you must have fun making this stuff”, still others say, “your art makes me smile”. I think we are a little of all of the above, and maybe a little crazy to boot – it helps in the art business.

What you will discover here is an interesting and perhaps somewhat outrageous take on farms and the interesting creatures who inhabit them. From “Bodacious Bovines” to colorful “Funky Farms”, The Muse (Chris) and I keep coming up with new ideas so visit often and have fun. We certainly do.

I have been creating art for over 30 years; oil on canvas, pastel on paper, lately acrylic and mixed media works created with a combination of acrylic and pastel. I love making art. The ongoing “Bodacious Bovines” series always make people laugh (they even make me laugh when I am working on them).

Gregory Zeszotarski